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    9-1-1 Hangup - Exigent Circumstances
    Internet Service Provider Address - No Privacy Interest

    Traffic Stop - Dog Sniff - Unreasonable Delay

    OWI - "Endangerment"
    Seatbelt Enforcement - Pat Down

    OWI - "Endangerment"
    Traffic Stop - Have any Guns? - Warrantless Search

    Traffic Stop - Dog Sniff

    2010 New Legislation

    Investigatory Stop - Red Lights
    Parked Auto / Smell of Marijuana

    OWI - "Endangerment"
    Miranda - "In Custody"

    Traffic Stop - Registered Owner is Suspended
    Surveillance / Photos of Suspect in Public

    Search Warrant - Exigent Circumstances/Officer Safety

    OWI - "Operated" Vehicle
    Foreign Nationals - Confessions

    Suspect's Statements Must Be Recorded at Police Station
    Investigatory Stop - Parked Auto

    Residential Entry from Attached Garage
    Theft/Robbery from a Dead Person
    Arrest Warrant Enough to Enter Residence

    Search & Seizure - Dog Sniffs

    Traffic Stop - Seatbelt / Patdown Search
    Traffic Stop - Display of license plates in Rear Window
    OWI on Private Property

    2009 New Legislation

    Search Incident to Arrest in Vehicle
    Gant v. Arizona

    Burglary - "Breaking"
    Traffic Stop - Weapons Inquiry

    Stop / Search of Vehicle Underage Drinking / Noisy Party

    Traffic Stop - Frisk of Driver/Passenger

    Traffic Stop - Questioning About Drugs
    Photopack Identification - Recording
    "Public" Intoxication

    Use of Force to Make Arrest or Prevent Escape
    Probable Cause in Drug Cases – Controlled Buys
    Probable Cause in Drug Cases – Odor of Marijuana
    Probable Cause in Drug Cases – Canines

    Trash Search

    Constructive Possession of Handgun in a Vehicle

    Polygraph Stipulation - Miranda Warnings
    Traffic Stop - Window Tinting
    "Public Nudity"

    Portable Breath Test - Probable Cause
    Probable Cause - Hearsay Trustworthiness

    Traffic Stop
    Knowledge that Owner is Suspended
    Seatbelts - Shoulder or Lap Belts

    Infraction Traffic Stop
    License Plate in Rear Window
    Traffic Stop - Canine Sweep

    2008 New Legislation

    "Public" Intoxication

    Underage Drinking Party

    Terry Search - Looking Inside Pill Bottle

    OWI Checkpoint at Party House

    Search Warrant
    Searching for "Evidence of a Crime" Not Specific Enough
    Good Faith Exception to Warrant Requirement

    Traffic Stop - "Any Guns. Drugs, or Anything"

    Traffic Stop - Search Incident to Arrest
    "Any Weapons or Contraband in Car?"
    Burglary - Partial Entry into Home

    Seatbelt Stop - Consent to Search

    OWI - "Operating" Vehicle
    Flashlight, Photographing Not a Search
    Binoculars Usually Not a Search
    Thermal Imaging of Home Is a Search

    Auto Stop - Consent to Search
    Choke Holds by Police
    Passenger's Standing to Challenge Search
    High Speed Pursuits - Risk to Public


    Pretext Traffic Stop

    Investigatory Stop and Pat Down
    Search Warrant Affidavit Filed With Judge

    Traffic Stop / Consent to Search
    Pirtle Warnings - "You are not under arrest"

    Traffic Stop / Marked Vehicle or In Uniform

    Traffic Stop - Consent to Search

    Investigatory Stop of Auto
    Consent to Search

    Search and Seizure - Imminent Risk of Harm
    OWI Refusal - Miranda

    Burglary - Intent to Commit Felony Inside
    Child Seduction - “Child Care Worker”

    Sexual Misconduct
    Service Provider - Work Release Employee
    Abandonment of Drugs

    Investigatory Seizure at Residence
    Without Reasonable Suspicion

    Traffic Stop / Canine Sniff

    Short Summaries of 2006 Legislation

    Short Summaries of 2006 Legislation

    Consent to Search Where Co-Occupants Disagree
    Anticipatory Search Warrants

    Shining of Spotlight Not a “Seizure”
    Terry Stop / Anonymous Tip

    Controlled Drug Buys
    Proper Procedures and Safeguards

    Collective Police Knowledge to Justify Stop
    Automobile Exception to Warrant Requirement

    Investigatory Stop and Pat Down
    Domestic Disturbance Call

    Warrantless Search of Home
    Exigent Circumstances; Need of Immediate Aid

    Investigatory Stop
    Stop and Frisk

    License Plate in Rear Window of Car
    Reliability of Informants; Probable Cause

    Investigatory Stop - Abandonment of Drugs
    Trash Search - Anonymous Tip

    Short Summaries of 2005 Legislation

    Short Summaries of 2005 Legislation

    Trash Search

    Search Warrant - Emergency Exception - Someone Shot
    OWI Breathalyzer - Tongue Stud

    Execution of Search Warrant - Detention of Residents

    Investigatory Stop of Vehicle - Reasonable Suspicion
    OWI - Taking Blood Without Consent
    Traffic Stop - Drug Dog to Sniff Vehicle

    Search of Auto - Dismantling Incident to Arrest
    OWI Breathalyzer - 20 Minute Wait on Video

    Search of Auto - Traffic Stop - Consent
    Visiting a Common Nuisance - Used More Than Once

    Search of Dwelling - Open View
    Search of Dwelling - Curtilege

    Trash Search
    Search of Auto - Investigatory Stop - Backpack

    Search of Auto - Inventory
    Search of Auto - Consent

    OWI - Second-Hand Cigarette Smoke
    Trash Search and Seizure
    Blood Sample from Suspect

    Miranda - “Question-First” Technique
    Search of Auto Incident to Arrest

    Investigatory Stop of Bicycle
    Consent to Justify a Warrantless Search

    Escape - Lawful Detention
    Seatbelt violation with the Police Seeking Consent to Search
    Miranda - Field Sobriety Tests

    2004 Legislation Short Summaries

    Purchase of Meth Precursors - Probable Cause to Stop
    Investigatory Stop of Auto When Owner Suspended

    Police Highway Checkpoints
    Cocaine in Console, Multiple Occupants
    Search Warrants - "Knock and Announce"

    Investigatory Stop and Frisk

    Investigatory Stop - Retaining Driver's License
    Reliability of Search Warrant Hearsay

    Seatbelts - SUV/Trucks
    Consent Search of Residence

    "Knock and Talk" Investigation
    Right to Counsel - Duty to Inform

    Investigatory or Terry Stop

    Trash Search and Seizure

    OWI - "Operating"

    New Legislation 2003

    Right to Counsel After Information Filed
    Securing Crime Scene; Victim or Suspect Search

    Search and Seizure
    Automobile Exception to the Search Warrant Requirement

    Search and Seizure - Open View

    Search and Seizure - Warrantless Entry; Consent

    Controlled Drug Buys
    Probable Cause Affidavit for a Search Warrant

    Exaggerating Authority Under Search Warrant
    Maintaining a Common Nuisance

    Search Incident to DUI Arrest

    Arrest - Investigatory Stop - Consentual Encounter

    Investigatory Stop and Patdown Search / Miranda

    "Public Place" for Purposes of the PI Statute

    Odor or Smell of Burnt Marijuana
    Traffic - Uniform or Marked Vehicle Requirement
    Investigatory Stop - Anonymous Tip

    New Legislation - Amendments to Existing Crimes

    New Legislation 2002

    Carrying a Handgun "Curtilege"
    Miranda Public Safety Exception

    Anticipatory Search Warrant for Package

    Canine Sweep During Traffic Stop

    "Can You Step Over Here?" - Seizure

    Delay in Execution of Search Warrant

    Investigatory Stop of "Eyewitness"

    Traffic Stop Based Upon Citizen Tip

    Search by Thermal Imaging
    Delay in Execution of Search Warrant
    Consent - Threat to Get Search Warrant
    Warrantless Arrest in Home

    Search of Personal Containers
    Third Party Consent to Search

    New Legislation 2001

    New Legislation 2001

    Traffic Stop "Patdown"

    Detention While Search Warrant Obtained
    Miranda Right to Counsel "Offense Specific"

    Search of Vehicle
    Incident to Arrest

    Juvenile Confessions
    "Meaningful Consultation"

    Handgun - "Curtilage" of Apartment
    Investigatory Stop of Vehicle

    Pretrial Identification
    Lineup, Showup, Photo Array

    Resisting Law Enforcement
    Right to Resist an Unlawful Arrest

    Operating While Intoxicated:
    "Operating" a Vehicle

    Traffic Stop - "In Uniform"
    Search: Protective Sweeps

    Seatbelt Enforcement
    Traffic Stop - DUS/OWI

    Search of Car - Smell of Marijuana
    Miranda - In Custody

    Search Warrant for Drugs
    Corroboration of PC Info

    Seatbelt Enforcement
    Traffic Stop - Consent Search

    2000 New Legislation

    Probable Cause for OWI - Anonymous Tip
    "Carrying" a Handgun

    Traffic Stop - Asking for Consent to Search

    Traffic Stop - Ordering Passenger Back
    Traffic Stop - Do You Have Weapons in Car?

    Search & Seizure - Patdown for Weapons
    Traffic Stop Patdown Search of Driver

    Traffic Stop - Consent to Search
    Search of Containers (passenger)

    Search & Seizure - Particularized Search
    Terry Stop; Furtive Gestures

    Search - Choke Hold to Retrieve Drugs
    Search (auto) - Passenger Walks Away

    Auto Exception to Search Warrant
    "Scope" of Consent to Search

    Seatbelt Enforcement Act
    Media "Ride-Alongs"

    1999 New Legislation

    Public Indecency (Truck Cab)

    Constructive Possession (auto)

    Traffic Stop / Smell of Marijuana

    Search Warrants / "Staleness"

    OWI / "Endangerment"
    Resisting Law Enforcement/"Force"

    Anticipatory Search Warrant
    Informant not Reliable or Credible

    Search of Vehicle
    Inventory Search
    Search Incident to Arrest

    Search and Siezure - Plain View
    Warrantless Search of tent as a "Home"

    Miranda "Interrogation"
    Request for Attorney

    Constructive Possession (auto)
    Miranda Readvisement of Rights

    "Threshold" Arrests
    Confessions "Purging the Taint"

    Stop and Frisk
    Recording Interrogations

    Investigatory Stop and Frisk
    (plain feel)

    Investigatory Stop and Frisk (auto)
    1998 New Legislation

    Plain View Search
    OWI Implied Consent

    Showup Identification

    Lineup Identification

  • Message from Prosecuting Attorney
  • Police/Prosecutor Updates (1998-2010)
  • Indiana Legislative Updates (1995-2010)
  • Effective Courtroom Performance for Police Officers
  • Media Statements by Law Enforcement
  • WWW Law Enforcement Links

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