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Office Overview
Responsibilities and Jurisdiction
Primary Goals
2020 Caseload / Filings
Divisions / Programs
Clark County Law Enforcement
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Clark County Indiana
Cities and Towns
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Clark County Courts
Clark Circuit Court #1
Clark Circuit Court #2
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Clark Superior Court #5
Clark Superior Court #6
Clarksville Town Court
Clark County Unified Probation
Clark County Magistrates
Local Rule 5 - Allocation of Cases
Jeffersonville City Court
Charlestown City Court
Sellersburg Town Court

Adult Protective Services
Message from Prosecuting Attorney
Goals of Adult Protective Services
What is Elder Abuse?
Signs and Symptoms
Abusers and Victims
Why Does it Happen?
Is Elder Abuse Common?
Why is Abuse Seldom Reported?
A National Study of Elder Abuse
Crime Prevention Tips for Seniors
Where to Get Help
Indiana Laws
WWW Elder Abuse Links

Child Support
Message from Prosecuting Attorney
Who Can Get Help?
How to Apply
How Does the Program Work?
How is Support Enforced?
How is Paternity Established?
Frequently Asked Questions
Child Support Guidelines
Clark County Collections
Glossary of Terms
FSSA Director's Award
Indiana Support / Paternity Laws
WWW Child Support Links

Domestic Violence
Message from Prosecuting Attorney
What is Domestic Violence?
Fast Facts on Domestic Violence
Domestic Violence Myths
Frequently Asked Questions
Are You a Victim?
Long-Term Effects
Domestic Violence Safety Plan
Shelter Resources
How to Help Others
What to do as a Victim
WWW Domestic Violence Links

Controlled Substances
Message from Prosecuting Attorney
Drugs of Abuse - Marijuana
Drugs of Abuse - Cocaine/ Crack
Drugs of Abuse - Prescription Drugs
Schedules of Selected Drugs
Clark County Prosecutions
Drug Dictionary / Street Slang
Drug Free Indiana
Indiana Prevention Resource Center
Indiana Laws
WWW Controlled Substance Links

Juvenile Crime
Message from Prosecuting Attorney
Jurisdiction and Waiver
Confidentiality / Open Records
Parent Participation and Liability
Informal Adjustment & Diversion
Juvenile Rights
Hearings & Trial
Speedy Trial Rights
Detention & Custody
WWW Juvenile Justice Links

Death Penalty
Message from Prosecuting Attorney
Cases in Clark County
Current Indiana Death Row
Indiana Death Row Since 1977-2014
Indiana Executions Since 1900
Indiana Death Row 2013 Book
Indiana Death Penalty Laws
U.S. Executions Since 1976
Methods of Execution
1000+ Death Penalty Links

Police Officers
Message from Prosecuting Attorney
Police/ Prosecutor Updates
Indiana Legislative Updates
Witness Tips for Law Enforcement
Media Statements by Law Enforcement
Law Enforcement Links

Victim / Witness Services
Message from Prosecuting Attorney
Tips for Witnesses in Court
Tips for Police in Court
Tips for Children in Court
Directions to the Court Buildings
Criminal Procedure Overview
Indiana Laws / Victim Rights
Victim / Witness Services WWW Links

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