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  • The Office of the Clark County Prosecuting Attorney is charged with the responsibility of representing the State of Indiana in all felony and misdemeanor criminal prosecutions, resulting from crimes committed within Clark County, Indiana. In addition, the Clark County Prosecuting Attorney conducts criminal investigations, convenes and supervises Grand Jury proceedings, enforces child support orders entered in divorce and paternity cases, prosecutes traffic and other infraction violations of state law, conducts juvenile adjudications and prosecutions, and provides information and assistance to the victims of crime.

    The Office of the Clark County Prosecuting Attorney is established by the Indiana Constitution at Article VII, § 16, which prescribes a term of four (4) years with no term limitations. The territorial jurisdiction of the Office is the Fourth Judicial Circuit, which includes all of Clark County. The Prosecuting Attorney must be a resident of Clark County, and must be licensed to practice law in the State of Indiana.

    The primary goals of the Clark County Prosecuting Attorney are:

    (1) The identification and aggressive prosecution of habitual career criminals, who are responsible for the vast majority of all criminal activity.

    (2) Strong and consistent prosecution of violent criminals.

    (3) To reduce the devastating effects of alcohol and drug abuse in our community.

    (4) To preserve the sanctity of the home by meaningful prosecution of residential burglaries.

    (5) A commitment to provide information, assistance, and protection to crime victims, particularly children, the elderly, and others less able to protect themselves; and to vigorously prosecute those who prey on them.

    It is the responsibility of the Clark County Prosecuting Attorney to pursue speedy and fair investigations and prosecutions of all crimes committed within Clark County.

    In 2015, 5,752 criminal cases were filed by the Clark County Prosecuting Attorney, including 2,437 felony cases and 3,315 misdemeanor cases. In addition, 479 juvenile delinquency and status cases were filed by the Clark County Prosecuting Attorney. 3,814 open cases were handled by the Child Support Division, resulting in collections of $7.6 million. 10,650 infraction cases were filed and completed. 176 Citizen Complaints and police referrals were received and processed. 156 Citations were served for the payment of bad checks presented for prosecution, resulting in collections of over $26,000.

    CRIMINAL DIVISION - Handles felony and misdemeanor prosecutions in 5 Clark County Courts. Includes everything from Public Intoxication to Capital Murder.

    CHILD SUPPORT DIVISION - Responsible for the enforcement of child support orders in divorce and paternity cases. In appropriate cases, blood tests are performed and paternity actions are filed. Contact: Sarah M. Hart, Deputy Prosecuting Attorney at (812) 285-6261.

    VICTIM ASSISTANCE PROGRAM - Established in 1990, the Victim Assistance Program serves as an advocate for victims, keeping them informed on the progress of their case through the criminal justice system, assisting in the application for crime victim compensation and restitution, and acting as a liaison with other social service agencies. Contact: Carmen Croudep, Victim Advocate at (812) 285-6264.

    DOMESTIC VIOLENCE UNIT - Established in 1996 as part of the Violence Against Women Act, the Domestic Violence Unit includes a Deputy Prosecuting Attorney and a Victim Advocate whose mission is to handle all domestic violence cases filed by the Clark County Prosecuting Attorney. Contact: Carmen Croudep, Victim Advocate at (812) 285-6264.

    DRUG PROSECUTIONS - Includes a Deputy Prosecuting Attorney and officers from area law enforcement agencies who specialize in the investigation and prosecution of crimes relating to controlled substances and legend drugs. All felony drug cases are filed in Clark Circuit Court #2. Contact: Zynthia Arocena McCrite, Deputy Prosecuting Attorney at (812) 285-6264.

    CHECK DECEPTION - Local Merchants and private individuals in receipt of checks, returned for insufficient funds or on a closed account, are provided direction and assistance for collection. In the event payment is not received after notice, the case may be referred to a Deputy Prosecuting Attorney for the filing of criminal charges. Contact: Jessica Kesler, Check Collection Specialist at (812) 285-6264.

    CHILD ABUSE AND NEGLECT - The most vulnerable in our society deserve special protections. When a child is the victim of physical or sexual abuse, or neglected by parents or other adults, law enforcement works with The Division of Families and Children, Child Protective Services to investigate. A Child In Need of Services (CHINS) Petition may be filed, the child or parent may be removed from the home, and/or criminal charges may be filed. All criminal charges are supervised by Jeremy Mull, Prosecuting Attorney.

    JUVENILES - Indiana Law generally requires that crimes committed by those under the age of eighteen (18) years be treated differently. A child under eighteen (18) years of age who commits a crime, or who is considered a truant, a runaway, or incorrigible, has committed a delinquent act, and a Delinquency Petition may be filed. All Delinquency Petitions are filed in the Juvenile Court, Clark Circuit Court #4. All Delinquency Petitions are supervised by Linda Lamping, Deputy Prosecuting Attorney (812) 285-6264.

    ADULT PROTECTIVE SERVICES - The most vulnerable in our society deserve special protections. When an adult is incapable of managing their own affairs or providing self-care, and threatened with exploitation or neglect they are considered an "endangered adult." Adult Protective Services is a specialized unit of investigators from around the state whose duty it is to protect endangered adults from abuse. APS investigations may result in criminal charges being filed. Contact: Patricia Ballard, Investigator at (812) 285-6364 / 285-6264.

    DIVERSION / DEFERRAL PROGRAM - Established in 2012, the Diversion Program allows those charged with most Misdemeanors and Level 5 and Level 6 Felonies to have their charges dismissed without conviction upon the completion of certain conditions, which may include the payment of victim restitution and court costs, mandatory treatment and counseling, regular reporting and drug testing. Admission to the program is determined by the Prosecuting Attorney. Those charged with Operating a Vehicle While Intoxicated are not eligible. Also established in 2012, the Deferral Program allows safe drivers with a good driving record to maintain that record. Upon the payment of program fees and successful completion of program conditions, after 6 months a Citation will be dismissed. Contact: Laura Cain, Diversion & Deferral Coordinator or Andrew Steele, Deputy Prosecuting Attorney at (812) 285-6264.

    The Prosecuting Attorney is the chief law enforcement officer of Clark County, commanding the assistance of six (6) local law enforcement agencies, as well as Town Marshals and Deputies in Borden and Utica.

    Indiana State Police
    Clark County Sheriff
    Jeffersonville Police
    Clarksville Police
    Sellersburg Police
    Charlestown Police
    Utica Town Marshal
    Borden Town Marshal
    Lt. Christopher Keeton
    Sheriff Jamey Noel
    Chief Kenny Kavanaugh
    Chief Mark R. Palmer
    Chief William R. Whelan
    Chief Keith McDonald
    Marshal Richard Clark
    Marshal Brian Meyer

    The Prosecuting Attorney, Deputy Prosecuting Attorneys, and Investigators of the Prosecuting Attorney are law enforcement officers under Indiana law.

    While Indiana statutes allow a Prosecuting Attorney to elect part-time status, all Clark County Prosecuting Attorneys since 1971 have been full-time Prosecutors, with no private law practice. The current Clark County Prosecuting Attorney, Jeremy Mull, was first elected in 2014 and took office on January 1, 2015.


    Email to: Timothy L. Gray TIMOTHY L. GRAY, CHIEF DEPUTY
    1986 B.A. Political Science, Indiana University SE
    1992 Juris Doctor, Indiana University School of Law
    Admitted to Practice: 1992
    Clark County Deputy 1992-96; Floyd County Deputy 2006-14
    Clark County Chief Deputy since Januay 1, 2015.

    Email to: Andrew O. Steele
    1997 B.A. Political Science, Indiana University Bloomington
    2002 Juris Doctor, City University of New York
    Admitted to Practice: 2003, Clark County Deputy since 2003.

    Email to: Linda R. Lamping
    1975 B.A. English Literature, Indiana University SE
    1980 Juris Doctor, Indiana University Indianapolis
    Admitted to Practice: 1980, Clark County Deputy since 2009.

    Email to: Sarah M. Hart
    1987 B.A. Psychology, Indiana University Bloomington
    1991 Juris Doctor, Loyola Law School (Los Angeles)
    Admitted to Practice: 1991, Clark County Deputy since 2013.

    Email to: Zynthia L. Arocena McCrite
    2010 B.A. Political Science, Florida International University
    2013 Juris Doctor, Ave Maria School of Law (Naples)
    Admitted to Practice: 2014, Clark County Deputy since 2015.

    Email to: Timothy Curry
    1999 B.S. Political Science. Indiana State University
    2005 Juris Doctor, Valparaiso University School of Law
    Tippecanoe County Deputy Prosecutor 2007-2012
    Warrick County Deputy Prosecutor 2006-2007
    Admitted to Practice: 2005, Clark County Deputy since 2016.

    Email to: Evan Ray
    2002 B.A. Political Science, IU Southeast
    2017 M.A. Political Science, University of Louisville
    2008 Juris Doctor, University of Dayton
    Admitted to Practice: 2008, Clark County Deputy since 2017.

    Email to: Charity Mansfield
    2011 B.S. Economics, Ball State University
    2014 Juris Doctor, Indiana University Indianapolis
    Admitted to Practice: 2016.
    Clark County Deputy since 2019.

    Email to: Del Philpot
    2005 B.A. English, Eastern Kentucky University
    2012 Juris Doctor, Western Michigan University Law School
    Admitted to Practice: 2019, Clark County Deputy since 2020.

    Email to: Kala Means
    2010 B.A. Psychology, Transylvania University
    2016 Juris Doctor, University of Louisville
    Admitted to Practice: 2018, Clark County Deputy since 2020

    Email to: Adam C. Potts
    2003, B.A. Corporate Communications, University of Kentucky
    2015 Juris Doctor, Northern Kentucky University
    Admitted to Practice: 2019, Clark County Deputy since 2020

    Email to: Krista A. Willike
    2010 B.A. Communications, Bellarmine University
    2013 Juris Doctor, University of Louisville School of Law
    Admitted to Practice: 2014, Clark County Deputy since 2021 .

    Email to: Matt Howerton
    2013 B.A. History/and East Asian Cultures, Indiana University
    2017 Juris Doctor, Indiana University Bloomington
    Admitted to Practice: 2017.
    Clark County Deputy since 2021.

    Email to: Steven D. Stewart
    1977 B.A. History, Indiana University SE
    1979 Juris Doctor, University of Louisville School of Law
    Admitted to Practice: 1980.
    Clark County Prosecuting Attorney 1989-2014.
    Clark County Deputy since 2015.


    Email to: Laura Basham

    Criminal Division Investigator

    Email to: Donnie Bowyer

    Criminal Division Investigator

    Email to: Patricia Ballard

    Director, Adult Protective Services

    Email to: Patricia Ballard

    Adult Protective Services Investigator


    Email to: Carmen Croudep

    Director, Victim Advocate

    Email to: Shari Grady

    Victim Advocate

    LeAnn Beatty
    Ken O'Neal
    Andrea Sowders
    Zach Wilson
    Kayla Abell
    Jessica Moody
    Kelly Schuschke

    Sunshine Fox (Office Administration/Budgets, Circuit Court #4)
    Brittany L. Lehman (Circuit Court #1, Clarksville Town Court)
    Jessica Kesler (Circuit Court #2)
    Amber Barnes (Circuit Court #2, Bad Checks)
    Abbie Stout (Circuit Court #3)
    Hannah Schmidt (Circuit Court #3)
    Sadie Rothrock (Circuit Court #3)
    Amber Gilby (Circuit Court #3)
    Meredith Koebel (Circuit Court #5)
    Elizabeth Albertson (Circuit Court #5)
    Jessica Elder (Juvenile Court)
    Lauren Cain (Receptionist / Diversion and Deferral Coordinator)
    Lisa Turner (Adult Protective Services)

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